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Tangerang – Indonesia.

The story began from a long time friendship between Maul and Yudhi. It started when these two buddies decided to play music by forming a band and recruiting one of their high school mate as a drummer. They named themselves ‘Barbel’ short for ‘Barisan Belakang’ which means more less; back row squad, inspired by Nirvana and Grunge as most teens at the time.

As clock ticks by, the music scene and knowledge were improving, they decided to change the band’s name to ‘Panic’. At this phase the boys were already into punk rock such as Green Day and Rancid, along with it they recruited a new drummer suitable to their music character.
Panic didn’t last long enough. After high school graduation, Maul and Yudhi were off from music during early freshmen year in college. Busy and drowned to the exciting new world; college girls, brainstorming, discussing politically and religiously forbidden subject, student movements, and all of the things once blur were revealed.

Dangerously inspired by the current situation and condition, these two rebels decided to raise the flag once more. Recruiting 3 (three) high school mates including their first drummer and named themselves ‘Submission’. This time the band were influenced by more punk bands in general, lyrics that are very critical from marginalized-government-condemned artists. Raided the stages from the Independence Day celebration to the underground scenes. Time of the youth; energetic, beautiful yet insane.

But the fact was, not all the band members fit to these characters, most of them were only wants to play some music, have fun, getting girls, free drinks; all the package every young people desired without any social tendencies what so ever. So once again they broken up after around 5 (five) years, and all of them went their own ways.

Only Maul and Yudhi who remain hard headed to keep going, while facing the fact that none of the people they knew afford their needs, energy and idealism. The boys wanted a band with strong character, different and run professionally.

In the middle of this, Maul then active in wider perspective music scene, by being a roadie to a punk rock band called ‘Superman Is Dead’. His involvement raise the spirit once berried, build the band again from scratch, adding one fellow roadie as their drummer and then named themselves ‘Rhetoric’. Fast, simple, raw and touching was the concept of their music.

At this phase not only raided stages but also having perform using gears and stage facilities that once only a dream. It seems happy ever after have not yet established in their realm, Yudhi got a job outside the province and had to left the band, but a year later they stroke again.

Once again storm paid a visit, as the drummer decided to concentrate more to his other band. The vacant position then filled by Bima – a young drummer with different character then the previous drummers. Bringing a new different color to their music and adding the band’s musical knowledge by exploring other genres such as punk rock, rock n’ roll, garage and grunge.

Bima, Maul, Yudhi

Through their journey, they had producing an album independently and through compilations. The problems that always occur was timing, funds, and probably luck. But the consistency and strong will fueled the bands energy and as we speak, they’re on the process of recording their next EP ‘Factory Of Hell’, which consists of 6 tracks, released in the mid of 2010..

To Be Continue..

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